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Tra ining  Li st

1 Administrative Courses

Accountability in the Workplace

Administrative Support

Meeting Management

Organization Skills

Supply Chain Management

2 / Career Development Courses
  1. Building Confidence and assertiveness

  2. Communication Strategies 

  3. Creative Problem Solving

  4. Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box

  5. Developing Creativity

  6. Entrepreneurship

  7. Interpersonal Skills

  8. Leadership Development for Women

  9. Time Management

3 / Human Resources Courses
  1. Crisis Management

  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  3. Generation Gaps

  4. Employee Onboarding

  5. Employee Termination Process

  6. Health and Wellness at Work

  7. Managing Workplace Harassment

  8. Millennial Onboarding

  9. Talent Management

  10. Unconscious Bias

  11. Universal work Practices

  12. Workplace Harassment

  13. Workplace Violence

4 Personal Development

Adult Learning - Mental Skills

Adult Learning - Physical Skills

Anger Mangement -

Being A Likeable Boss

Critical Thinking

Developing Emotional Intelligence 

Improving Mindfulness

Improving Self-Awareness

Managing Personal Finances

Personal Productivity

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Social Intelligence 

Stress Management

Taking Initiative

Work-Life Balance

5 / Supervisor and Manager Courses

Developing New Managers

Employee Motivation

Facilitation Skills

Knowledge Management

Leadership and Influence

Manager Management

Performance Management

Supervising Others

Trust Building and Resilience Development

6 / Workplace Essentials Courses
  1. Business Ethics

  2. Business Etiquette 

  3. Change Management

  4. Civility in the Workplace

  5. Delivering Constructive Criticism 

  6. Respect in the Workplace

  7. Responsibility in the Workplace

  8. Risk Assessment and Management

  9. Safety in the Workplace

  10. Team Building for Managers

  11. Teamwork and Team Building

  12. Workplace Bullying

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